You’ve found yourself on the website of a beautiful jungle resort. Who knows what adventures you will find while you stay at one of our gorgeous sites. We have so much to offer here and the best way to let you know just what kind of stay you can have is to one of our guests tell you about their adventure here.

Sarah Tutlegio

I booked a holiday with my husband and two kids to Dandeli. We stayed at the Dandeli Jungle Resorts in one of their cabins. Dandeli is a lot different from most of India because of it being in the mountains. There is so much to do there. When we arrived, the resort had just undergone a major renovation. They built new cabins and had updated their Telephone systems so that you could call internationally. I guess for the longest time you couldn’t make international calls from Dandeli. And your cell phone won’t work.

My kids were really excited about trying rappelling. They had seen it on TV but had never tried it. We booked a time through the resort. We all piled into an old bus and were taken up the mountain where we were going to rappel. I never thought I’d be afraid but I was. We were up quite high. The kids just loved it. And so did I. My husband waited for us at the resort.

There are so many things you can do while you’re there. We could have gone white water rafting or simply taken a walk into the forest to see all the different birds and animals that are indigenous to that area.

We did take a “croc ride” which is where we got into these coracles which are a native type of boat and went down the river to view the crocs hanging out. We ended up seeing 3 crocs sunning themselves on the edge of the river. One slipped into the water when we came close and the other two just stayed. My kids were surprised by the size of them. They had only ever seen them at the zoo and they weren’t very close. This was a very different experience. We were maybe 5 meters away from these crocs. Very close! It was worth going on a croc ride.

We also did an overnight camping excursion to the farthest side of the resort in a forested area. I felt very safe because they did have patrols throughout the night. The resort was amazing because they gave us enough food for breakfast the next morning. We cooked our breakfast over and open fire and brought all the dirty dishes back to be washed by the resort staff. It was the best camping trip I’d ever been on because for once I wasn’t left with cleaning and washing up.

We loved our stay at the Dandeli Jungle Resorts. They were very clean and whenever we had any special requests, they were there to help us out as best they could. The cabins were nice even though they were small. We didn’t end up spending much time in them because there was so much to do. Every night we had a great sleep because we’d tired ourselves out during the day.